Clove Cigarette Online Payment Method

Clove Cigarettes Online Payment with Credit Card

Clove Cigarettes Online proud to announce that we now accept all major Visa and Master Card, Below is a short description of each of the payment options.

Credit Card orders are processed on a secure server . They use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to collect the billing information. We’ve never collected your Credit Card Information. This is mean that sensitive data such as credit card numbers are being encrypted. Don’t worry about anything, all transactions are safe and secure, just be sure you use browser that can support it.


Any credit card payment are using PP as CC payment processing.
Please ask us first for detail at :
And DO NOT send any payment to this email. Thank You

MONEY GRAM payment
MOSTLY  SUPER WALMART has MoneyGram transfer service, please ask their Cashier.

NEVER SAY FOR BUYING A PRODUCT / CIGARETTES, You will not be able to do the moneytransfer, just say SENDING MONEY to a FRIEND….
and MAXIMUM ALLOWED only $190 ( more than $190 please contact )



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