Sampoerna CLove Cigarettes Case Limited Edition

Clove Cigarettes Speical Case / Box for djarum black

Clove Cigarettes Case / box

Lately from July 2014, all Indonesian cigarettes / clove cigarettes packs were using CANCER image.

This is the new rule from Indonesian Goverment, and all cigarettes manufacturer must apply this system.

If you feel this image is very disturbing / annoying you, we found a good solution that you should use a Clove Cigarettes Case / Box.

We can give you this case for free along with your new purchases, just inform me if you want this and i will replace 2 packs of your order with this Case without additional payment.

Why we must switch 2 packs with this case ? This all for shipment packing reason, we must insert this case into your Clove Cigarettes carton’s order.

Below is the Case / Box picture

Clove Cigarettes Speical Case / Box for djarum black


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